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Entry #1

Intense NG Seizure, Here I Come.

2012-08-09 03:54:25 by XiaHin

Newgrounds just got itself another newbie. But I guess I won't do anything much in here, since the edumacation is still in my way, and the finals are coming.

WELP. I will post some stuff as an interesting start, just so my first time signing up in NG won't be such a boring experience. I'm sure I'm going to experience lots of intense, or at least, thumbs-up-worth stuff. I don't think thumbs-up-worth stuffs are ever going to be enough to this sugar-coated brain.

So I'm probably going to listen to some audios, look at graphic and digital arts, reading articles - I'm into art and shiz. Buttocks line. I mean Bottom line.


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